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Hair Doc
About Us
Founded in 2016, Hair Doc is a multi-award winning, locally established Hair Growth Centre in Malaysia. We focus on non-invasive hair growth solutions for all types of hair loss, dandruff and flaky scalp.

With a dedicated, passionate team of highly-trained therapists, Hair Doc specialises in multiple solutions and proven formulas of the safest and highest quality of standards with proven results for the improvement of scalp concerns. This is thanks to the time, effort and heavy investment in the latest, cutting-edge technology as well as Research & Development (R&D) to give the very best solutions that target the most common Asian hair loss problems.

Currently, we are one of the largest hair re-growth centres in Malaysia equipped with the latest technology and expert trained team. With locations all over Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Ipoh, Seremban and Johor Bahru– we specialise in ALL hair loss solutions.

Awards & Recognitions
The Group has won several accolades in recognition of the young start-up as the nation's fastest growing centre in

Unique solutions and products are available exclusively from our nationwide Hair Doc Centres.

Our success stories display the superior results achieved from the use of comprehensive solution courses that are formulated and designed by experts in hair growth.

Hair Doc solution programmes are fine-tuned for each person to ensure maximum hair growth. Personalised recommendations are given for appropriate hair growth supporting products which can be used alongside solution to help maximise response.
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